EasyBib APA: Citation Support For Your Bibliography

I wanted to introduce you to easybib.com just in case this is a resource that might enhance your studies in this online course.
EasyBib offers citation support for your bibliography your works cited pages as you can see on easybib.com there are features for creating citations in MLA APA.
for our course we will be using Easybib APA. MLA is free Chicago is free the others are free Easybib APA does come with a charge now I don’t know if you want to use Easybib APA or not but you might benefit from the two-day trial to see if it’s something that you might like to add to your toolbar but I just want to show it to you just in case it’s something that might help you.
so I have an account with the Easybib APA feature so that I can go through and create projects in APA.
1.Begin a new project.

2.start the bibliography.

process by researching the sources that are needed for whatever it is that I’m writing.

as you can see when I find and locate that information whether it’s online or whether it’s from a resource in the library or from a database I would take that entry and place it in this white box and copy and paste it and then I would click this green button cite this and the APA citation will appear so let’s go ahead and just practice starting a new project.

I need to give the project a name I can fill in the subject if I choose and I can go ahead and put my thesis statement in this box so that I’m reminded as I go through the entire process what my project is about.

as you can see we’re going to do an APA bibliography.

as you can see with all of the bibliographies that I have. I have created the test project whenever I’m researching this essay if I type on and click on this bibliography

everything I research in site will be added to this project and that way all of the information will be easy to access when I log into EasyBib.

I simply go to this project that I’m working on and continue adding resources to field and creating the citation I’m going to practice one with you.
I just typed into Google American Psychiatric Nurses Association and here is my research fine.

let’s go ahead and just click on this first one just as practice and just to get us to a citation for practice I’m goanna click on free continuing.

this takes me to some articles that are written in their free continuing education program I’m just going to click on one of them.

so I’ve just clicked on the first one here’s the information I copied the URL I pasted the URL into my EasyBib project and I have APH checked.
EasyBib has searched through the database and found the information and I’m going to click continue.

now it’s goanna bring up fields for me to check in case I need to add information these aren’t error messages they are boxes for me to fill out if I have that information if I don’t have that information then I move on but for APA I should locate that information. I located her name the author’s name the electronically published date I filled in all the fields that I can I’m ready to create the citation.

there it is my pretty citation all in Easybib APA format and as you can see that has been added to my bibliography after I finish doing all my research I will click the ones that I want to print and click more and create the citation page.

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