Welcome all! I’m Julia, an UNC Chapel Hill alumna with a degree in International Politics. I am currently a staff reporter for The Huffington Post, covering racial and sociopolitical issues. I know that’s super vague but, hey, it’s what I’m blessed to do.

I am a former assistant special sections editor with The Daily Tar Heel. I was a reporter at the paper from August 2012 until April 2014. Additionally, I am a former USA TODAY collegiate correspondent where I gained exposure reporting on national news stories.

I enjoy learning random facts that you will never need to know a day in your life and watching Law and Order: SVU marathons when I’m not somewhere being overly productive. I sit and discuss the politics within hip-hop with my friends (FYI: These are serious roundtable discussions!) . But, I also enjoy talking about Beyoncé, my hair, and nail polish (I own approx. 30 bottles).

I talk A LOT about racial, political, and socioeconomic issues. I really care about the advancement of the marginalized. I want to do great things through journalism and give people a platform to speak for themselves.

But, browse my site a little bit. If something piques your interest, check out my contact information!!